Overmax AD-04 breathalyzer is an extremely necessary gadget during all kind of trips. It allows you to easily examine the concentration of alcohol in breath.  From now on, you don’t have to be afraid to grab the wheel. The device is equipped with an audio warning system and emits a beep sound indicating a failed attempt, low battery voltage and alerting you when breath alcohol concentration reaches the value above the acceptable level.

  • Two LCD backlight colours – blue (negative result) and red (positive result).
  • Preparation time – 5 s, reaction time – 5 s.
  • Accuracy: 0,01‰


Overmax AD-04 equipped with a professional electrochemical alcohol sensor works similarly to police breathalyzers, at the same time maintaining modern and compact design. During first 24 months after the purchase you can calibrate your breathalyzer for free. Not only does the LCD display show you the measurement results, but it also turns red each time the concentration of alcohol in your breath exceeds the accepted limit.  What is more, the breathalyzer has now an additional feature – its memory can store up to 20 recent test results.

AD-04 is a handy device, extremely useful for any driver. It comes out with an included car charger (a convenient USB cable), 10 interchangeable mouthpieces and a functional case.


Accuracy: 0,01‰
Measuring range: up to 4,0‰
Electrochemical replaceable sensor
Power supply: built-in battery
LCD display
Light notifications
Sound notifications
Ready to use in 5 seconds
Reaction time: 5 seconds
Air flow sensor
Measurments memory: up to 20
Calibration reminder
Free calibrations
Police quality sensor
Working time on battery: 500 uses
USB charging cable
10 mouthpieces


Overmax AD-04 – user manual

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