X-bee drone 9.5

X-bee drone 9.5 is a technologically advanced drone. Due to brushless engines, rotatable 4K Wi-Fi camera and impressive agility the drone is perfectly suitable for a role of  an aerial scout. Attractive LED lighting guarantees perfect visibility in every conditions.
Enhanced GPS allows the drone to show its full potential – the device can fly through previously designated route and encircle or follow the operator.

• Rotatable Wi-Fi 4K camera – first-person view and recording saving
• Wide range – up to 500 m
• Easy-control features
• Ergonomic pilot



X-bee drone 9.5 is equipped with a set of functions making it safe and accessible also for beginners. The drone ensures flying speed adjustment and automatically maintains altitude. Amenities are enlarged with Back Home mode (return to the starting point) and Headless Mode that greatly simplify controlling X-bee drone 9.5.

Wide range (up to 500 m) protects from losing control of the drone – additional sensor forces the device to turn around when connection with the pilot is interrupted. Durable battery provides up to 20 minutes of constant flying on a single charge.


  • Diagonal: 25 cm
  • Length / width: 33 cm
  • Gyroscope: 6-axis
  • Flight time on one battery: up to 20 min
  • Battery: 2420 mAh, 7.6 V.
  • Charging time: 180 min
  • Weight with full set: 410 g
  • Range: up to 600 m
  • FPV viewing range: 200 – 300 m
  • GPS
  • Brushless motors
  • Return home
  • Headless mode
  • Atitude hold
  • Follow me – the function of following the remote control
  • Sound notifications about low battery and weak remote control signal
  • Starting engines with
  • Pilot lap function – the drone rotates the camera lens towards the pilot and transfer the flight around the line
  • Integrated landing / return to take-off function after loss of range or with discharged battery
  • 4k rotatable camera in the 90 ‘range with stabilizing rubbers and Wi-Fi function / 5G connectivity
  • Tap to fly function – let’s add landmarks on the map, a drone will be flying between used
  • Application for viewing Wi-Fi: M RC PRO

Set contains:

  • Dron
  • Pilot
  • 4 śmigła zapasowe
  • Kamera
  • Ładowarka z balanserem oraz przewodem USB
  • Śrubokręt
  • Bateria

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